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  • Lee Anne Hellesto, NP

Nutrition Made Easy

Basket full of Health

In this day of completely overwhelming information on diets, nutrition and the newest expert shouting from the mountaintops, there is a place to start that is straight forward.

My new class is designed to give you the facts and simple principles to base your approach toward improved health and wellness. After all, the origin of the word "diet" is "a way of life". This is very different from the way "diet" is used in our culture.

I'll take you though many stories of other's journeys and give you a common sense approach, so you can feel a deep understanding of the basics.

Come, join me in relaxed, informal setting as we have fun (yes, I said FUN) exploring what steps are helpful to you.


Lee Anne

#healthandwellbeing #antiinflammatory #painreliever #immuneboosting

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