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  • Lee Anne Hellesto, NP

My Dream and a New Fire

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It turned out speaking at the Oregon Holistic Nurses Conference was a big boost for me. I was speaking to these amazing nurses about following their dream and realized I was missing a big part of my dream. My dream has always been to be teacher and thought leader with helping people achieve better health. I have likened it to being like Johnny Appleseed and sprinkling seeds of information to others allowing new growth within the circles of their families and friends. This allows the information to get to people I can't get to on my own.

So stayed tuned in the next few months as I start bringing forth some of my own dreams and teaching workshops to help you find tools to improve your health. In the meantime, please feel free to email me ideas you might like more information on as you travel your health journey.

New growth, dreams

On another note, I would like to connect you with an amazing free 21 day meditation program by Oprah and Deepak called Making Every Moment Matter. I don't know of anyone who does not struggle with time and in particular what Deepak refers to as "time sickness". I know it is something I struggle with as I search for the "time" to do everything on my to-do list and some for myself! I hope you enjoy this meditation experience as much as I am!

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