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Distance Healing Subscriptions Through Discover Health

Do your days feel like a roller coaster of energy and emotions?  Recently, many have reported feeling out of sorts, off balance, and weighed down.  It’s understandable, we are in unprecedented times and many don’t have the tools to deal with the uncertainty, chaos, and changing regulations, let alone the massive increase in stress.  Energy healing can help!  And it can be done remotely, so that you never have to leave the comfort of your own bed. 


I’m offering you distance energy healing while you sleep.  You need only be relaxed and willing to receive the healing qualities of energy medicine to benefit.  You can reach out throughout the month when you feel you need it and I will also tune in, sending you healing energy as I sense you need it.  I encourage you to tune in to your body to see the changes you notice, maybe even keep a journal.  If you have questions or observations, please reach out to me and we'll discuss it.

Romantic Bedroom

If you need more than work during your sleep, connect with me for a day session with us either over the phone or in person. We rely on energy for everything we do. During these turbulent times, you may need the extra support more than ever and what better way to get it than when you sleep!  


Distance Healing works because energy exists outside of our conscious perspective, outside of the bounds of time and space as well as within and between everything.  Gift yourself with the positive, energetic support of a Distance Healing Subscription.


I provide two offerings:

You will be billed monthly for 3 months, starting on the day you place your order.


3-month Distance Healing Subscription:


- monthly distance healing, performed by Lee Anne

- includes brief check-ins as needed


I want to feel better & to experience even MORE stability!


3-month Distance Healing Subscription PLUS 3 Private Sessions:


- monthly distance healing, performed by Lee Anne

- 3 private 1-hour sessions (1 each month)

On-line Registration and Payment coming soon!

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