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  • Lee Anne Hellesto, NP

Off to the Holistic Nursing Conference

I am really looking forward to speaking this week at the Oregon Holistic Nursing Conference at Breitenbush!

Lee Anne, Yoga, beach

This is always a really fun group at a fantastic location. This is a way for me to pay it forward for the amazing leaders I have been fortunate to have over my career. My leaders came in all shapes, sizes and modalities. I hope I provide some insight to these nurses as they consider, "What is Your Dream". So as I send this out to a bigger audience...

"What is Your Dream"?

new growth, dream, plant, log

As you ask yourself this question, consider using some of the tools I am speaking about: Mindset, Meditation, Intention and Visualization. The power of these tools can really make a huge difference.

And remember...

If you can dream it, you can do it. Walt Disney

I am attaching the list of the books and resources I used as I put together this talk and have the link here, in hopes you also may find some insights from these thought leaders.

Have a great day,

Lee Anne

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