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  • Lee Anne Hellesto, NP

Wildfires Getting to you?

The persistent wildfires in our area this year have been really intense. They even overshadowed the eclipse that was such a rare event and treat. With the pall of smoke over everything as well as the feeling of danger it is often difficult to stay positive and healthy.

Wildfire Fighter

I went in search of some ways to help others as my way of coping. I am listing below a couple of links to websites to help with what you may be experiencing.

For those who may be having difficulty with mood, which is probably all of us! Here are some really good suggestions from the American Psychological Association for managing...


For those who are having some trouble with the air quality due to smoke here are a couple of good sources for help with management and when you need to seek additional care.

Please be aware that you do not have to be diagnosed with a respiratory problem to have trouble breathing right now.


Air Quality

If you have questions or concerns, contact your healthcare provider. As always, Discover Health is a good resource and stands ready to help.

Wishing you all the best,

Lee Anne

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